Hire Me

I provide a wide range of services related to Android applications. Examples of my past projects:

  • Building complex Android applications from scratch (fully-offline, kiosks, multimedia, etc.).
  • Architectural refactorings of legacy codebases to support future development and maintenance goals.
  • Implementation of mission-critical, complex features (offline synchronization, mobile-device-management solutions, integration of OEM-specific features, etc.).
  • Performance optimization of existing applications and SDKs (video streaming, graphics, networking, concurrency, etc.).
  • Enhancing logging and monitoring infrastructure in existing applications.
  • Technology stack choice consulting.
  • Professional trainings for software development teams.

So, if your project needs an Android expert, let’s talk. I’m based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, but open for interesting opportunities worldwide.

Get in touch: vasiliy.zukanov@gmail.com