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Hey there,

I offer a number of professional services around Android platform and beyond.

If you find any of the below value propositions relevant to your project, you can contact me by email: vasiliy.zukanov@gmail.com

I can perform a thorough architectural review of your Android project.

If you’re unsure about what’s going on in your project and would like an external agent to take a critical look at it, I can be that guy.

There can be many reasons for such a review: developers asking for a feedback, considerable slowdown in app’s development speed, upcoming big feature, audit of an outsource development, etc. Or, maybe, you’re considering a complete rewrite of your existing application and would like additional input on that. Regardless of your specific motivation, you’d want such a review to be carried out by skillful and authoritative agent.

I can inspect your Android application and produce a detailed report summarizing its state in context of total cost of ownership, flexibility, code quality, security, etc. My reports always include in-depth analysis of the discovered issues as well as specific recommendations as to how you can address them.

I can work with you on Android application development.

When you start a new Android project, the first months of development are the most critical. During this period you consolidate app’s architecture and choose development practices that will be used down the road. These decisions will determine application’s long term compliance to business objectives and the total cost of ownership.

Unfortunately, mistakes made at this early stage don’t usually manifest themselves immediately. Instead, they severely impact your application at a later stage or even turn into the cause of a complete rewrite.

I can participate in development of your Android application at this critical stage. This way I can minimize your long-term risks and maintenance costs.

I can make your Android team more productive.

Quite often software teams hit a dead end in term of efficiency and productivity. It might be the legacy code that slows them down, or lack of relevant skills among team members, or use of inefficient practices, or a plethora of other factors. Or it might be an external factor that has nothing to do with the team.

Whatever the reasons for the loss of productivity are, teams often struggle with identifying and addressing them by themselves.

As an external Android expert I’m not subject to common insider’s biases and have an unobstructed perspective. Therefore, I’ll have easier time identifying the problems, proposing potential solutions and getting a buy-in from different stakeholders.