Android Lifecycles Masterclass

Learn about one of the most fundamental and challenging topics in Android.

Custom Views in Android

Create beautiful, reusable and maintainable custom Views tailored to your unique requirements.

Android Architecture Masterclass

Advanced course about Android architecture using the modern toolkit: Compose, MVVM, Hilt and more.

Kotlin Coroutines in Android

Deep dive into the world of concurrent programming using Kotlin Coroutines framework.

Dependency Injection in Android with Dagger and Hilt

Master Dependency Injection architectural pattern with Dagger and Hilt frameworks.

Android Multithreading Masterclass

Complete guide to multithreading in Android: from fundamentals to Thread Pools, RxJava and Coroutines.

Android Unit Testing and Test Driven Development

Learn and embrace unit testing and TDD practices in your Android projects.

General Courses

Object-Oriented Programming and Design Crash Course

Introduction into OOP and OOD: theory, core concepts, best practices, common misconceptions and gotchas.

SOLID Principles of Object-Oriented Design

Advanced course about SOLID principles of Object Oriented Design and Architecture.

Git and GitHub for Developers

Practical course that teaches how to use Git efficiently from a command-line.