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Kotlin Coroutines in Android Course

Master the modern and most powerful concurrency framework for Android applications!

Hands-on Learning

The course offers practical, in-depth demonstrations supplemented with hands-on exercises.

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This course is your complete guide into the world of Kotlin Coroutines in Android. By the end of this course, you’ll be comfortably using Coroutines to write reliable, maintainable and responsive applications.

The philosophy of this course is “learn by coding”, so you’re going to master Coroutines by solving a series of carefully designed, hands-on exercises, which are built into a tutorial Android application. This way you’ll gain practical experience with Coroutines in various real-world scenarios that you’ll surely encounter in your own Android apps.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Coroutines as concurrency framework
  • Suspending vs blocking functions
  • Coroutine scope, context and jobs hierarchy
  • Coroutines cancellation
  • Exceptions handling inside Coroutines
  • Structured Concurrency
  • Unit testing with Coroutines
  • and more…

Even though the main goal of this course is to give you practical skills, it also covers the theory of Coroutines framework at a more conceptual level. In particular, you’ll learn what Structured Concurrency is, what benefits it provides and how Coroutines embody this advanced paradigm.

Furthermore, we’ll go beyond the core functionality of Coroutines framework and discuss important design considerations that will help you write cleaner code that both works right now, and will also be maintainable in the long term.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to write concurrent code of any complexity in your Android projects using Coroutines framework, and you’ll be able to answer even trickies questions about this framework at job interviews.

So, if you want to master Kotlin Coroutines, this course is for you!


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Course Content

Coroutines Intuition
CoroutineScope Cancellation
Structured Concurrency
Design with Coroutines
Coroutine Dispatchers
Coroutines Cancellation
Coroutines Mechanics
Parallel Decomposition
Exceptions Handling