Open Sourcing IDoCare Application

We are open-sourcing Android application that incorporate ideas presented in this blog. You can use the source code of IDoCare in order to perform a formal review before integrating our ideas into your own production code.

The Future of TechYourChance Blog

After more than two years of blogging about software construction, I feel that it is time for a non-technical post about the blog itself. In this post, I will share with you the story behind this blog and discuss the future of TechYourChance project

Dagger 2 scopes demystified

Dagger2 dependency injection

What is this post about:

In this post we will take an in-depth look at one of the core aspects of Dagger 2 dependency injection framework - the scopes. I will attempt to show you that scopes in Dagger 2 are, in fact, relatively simple, yet powerful concept.

Reliable connection to AIDL IPC Service in Android

What is this post about:

This post describes how to establish a reliable connection to AIDL Service running in a different process in Android. The following questions are addressed in this post:
  • How bound IPC Service connection's life-cycle is different from life-cycle of the Service itself?
  • What is the exact life-cycle of a connection to bound IPC Service?
  • How can we account for connection's life-cycle when writing clients of bound IPC Services?
Source code of IpcServiceConnector class, which can be employed in order to establish and manage reliable connections to bound IPC Services is provided, and a tutorial implementation of a client which uses this class in order to establish a crash-and-kill-tolerant connection to bound IPC service is presented.