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Frequently Asked Questions

On the first sight, TechYourChance membership might look as “just” access to the most advanced Android development courses. However, we’re building something even bigger here. You can read our de-facto community manifesto in this article.

The first lessons in all courses are “sample lessons” that you can watch for free. I encourage you to choose at least one course and watch its sample lessons before you join TechYourChance community. If my style of teaching clicks with you, welcome aboard!

Sure you can. In fact, I fully expect many developers to do exactly that when they decide to look for their next professional challenge. Become a member, sharpen your skills, get your dream job and then leave. Come back later if you want.

I live in a country which isn’t supported by most “standard” payment gateways (Stripe,, etc.). Therefore, currently, PayPal is the only payment option. I’m aware of the fact that there are countries where PayPal doesn’t work. Believe me, I hate to think that there are developers who want to joint TechYourChance community, but can’t.

Unfortunately, looks like I’ll need to deal with a fair bit of international bureaucracy before I’ll be able to accept credit card payments. Be assured that this issue is at the top of my todo list.

You can cancel your membership at any time, but there are no refunds. Consequently, if you cancel your subscription, you’ll retain your membership until the end of the respective billing period.

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