Android Unit Testing and Test Driven Development

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In this course you’ll master the art and the science of unit testing and TDD in Android applications.

The first part of the course covers the fundamentals of unit testing. You will write your first simple unit tests right away and then gradually progress to more involved examples and exercises.

In the second part of the course you’ll learn about Test Driven Development and understand why it’s the best way to unit test your code. I’ll show you two different TDD techniques and explain their respective benefits and drawbacks. We’ll concentrate on Uncle Bob’s “three rules of TDD” and so-called “red-green-refactor” cycle.

The last part of the course is dedicated to Android unit testing specifically. We will discuss the challenges associated with unit testing in Android and you’ll understand how to structure your code to achieve best testability. Then you’ll practice writing complex unit tests for real Android application.

The lectures are supplemented with carefully designed, hands-on exercises. Therefore, after completing this course, you’ll have practical experience with unit testing and be able to start unit testing your own code right away.

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You can watch the free lessons below to start the course and see if you like it.

Course Content

Section 1: Unit Testing Fundamentals
Section 2: Test Doubles Fundamentals
Section 3: Mockito Fundamentals
Section 4: Test Driven Development
Section 5: Unit Testing in Android
Section 6: Unit Testing Android Application
Section 7: Conclusion