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Exciting news! We’re launching the TechYourChance Corporate Membership subscription. From today, businesses can seamlessly sign their Android developers up to TechYourChance, granting immediate access to our exclusive community, advanced courses, and other perks. For many businesses, the TechYourChance Corporate Membership is the ideal investment for enhancing their Android teams.

In this post, I’ll outline the unique value TechYourChance offers and emphasize which companies stand to gain the most from our Corporate Membership.

Special Offer: In celebration of the launch of TechYourChance Corporate Membership, all subscribers until September 12, 2023 will enjoy 33% Early Bird discount.

TechYourChance Platform

TechYourChance is a dedicated community of professional Android developers, centered on educational content produced by yours truly, Vasiliy Zukanov. The main components of TechYourChance are advanced Android development video courses, exclusive community forum and a blog.

My philosophy on software engineering is simple:

  • I believe that developers must understand and keep business goals in mind at all times.
  • Historically, many of the new ideas and tools in the Android ecosystem turned out to be overhyped nothingburgers which diverted developers’ attention and resources from the business goals.
  • Despite the previous observation, our field does move forward and evolve, so there are legit opportunities to improve business outcomes using technology. Therefore, developers need to remain open-minded and evaluate all options.

The TechYourChance platform embodies this philosophy, bringing it to Android developers worldwide.

Over the years, my “tech conservatism” led me to speak out against some of the most popular tools in Android ecosystem at the time: DataBinding, RxJava, Dagger-Android and more. These tools turned out to be wasteful distractions and quickly became irrelevant. I also advocated for delaying the adoption of new technologies like Kotlin, Coroutines and Jetpack Compose until they reach a decent level of maturity and stability.

My opinions had been very unpopular at times, but, in hindsight, developers who took my advice spared their companies a lot of resources. Furthermore, as far as I know, these developers never missed a real opportunity to improve their Android projects.

TechYourChance Courses

TechYourChance coures are among the most advanced Android development content in the world. They equip students with practical skills that they can apply in professional projects right away.

My courses don’t cover unproven “hot and new” technologies, but concentrate on the fundamental topics like design, architecture, concurrency, unit testing and more. Therefore, the skills acquired by TechYourChance members bring tangible long-term benefits to their employers and the resulting code won’t become a technical debt in two-three years.

It’s worth highlighting that Corporate members gain access to the entire TechYourChance course library. This not only covers the current four courses but also any upcoming ones. With plans to introduce three more courses within the next year, those who join the Corporate Membership now will have access to a total of seven exceptional Android courses!

TechYourChance Community Forum

TechYourChance forum is the place where community members can ask questions and get advice on any Android-related topic. Stuck with a tricky design decision? Let’s discuss that! Not sure which library to use? Tap the community wisdom!

A cornerstone of our forum’s utility is my personal commitment to share expertise and guide community members. Furthermore, other members of TechYourChance are likely-minded professionals, so their inputs will be very valuable as well. Much more valuable than, say, the typical Reddit comments section. In the age of AI tools that synthesize the “average” of all opinions on the internet, the value of an exclusive community of likely-minded, experienced and opinionated professionals can’t be overstated.

Who Stands to Gain the Most from TechYourChance

Throughout my Android consulting practice, I’ve predominantly collaborated with startups in numerous business domains: medical, fintech, productivity, social and more. My favorite clients have small, result-oriented and lean Android teams which deliver outsized results. That’s the type of companies that I optimize TechYourChance platform for.

Mentorship is the premier path for developers to elevate their skills. Unfortunately, many smaller Android teams don’t have someone with the experience and the attitude required to become a mentor. Especially if they consist of just one or two developers. In these situations, TechYourChance is a great alternative. TechYourChance members get to learn from an experienced developer, have someone to address questions to and, ultimately, have a role model for what it means to be a professional developer.

Android developers also grapple with the ever-present “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO). There is an entire industrial complex aimed at convincing developers that if they don’t use the latest technologies then they do a poor job and jeopardize their future career prospects. The pressure to explore and learn every new technology is enormous, so it’s difficult to avoid wasting time adopting unneeded approaches and tools. This problem is less critical for bigger teams that have established tech stacks and formal new tech approval processes, but it can really hurt smaller teams. Especially if there is no developer on the team who lived through several hype cycles and has grown a thick skin. TechYourChance community can support small, less experienced Android teams in fighting off FOMO-driven-development, thus avoiding major losses for their employers.

Many developers want to connect with others who have the same job interests.. They look for a community and a sense of belonging. In companies that employ many Android developers, this is not a problem. However, when a small team works in isolation (as is often the case when Android app isn’t the core company’s product), the feeling of professional isolation can become a drag on the team’s productivity. That’s one of the reasons why software development conferences and meetups are so popular – developers look to spend time with likely minded professionals. The best way to address this issue is through proper internal leadership, but that’s not something a team can just ask for and get. The second best option for cultivating a sense of belonging to a professional community is TechYourChance.


My journey as a course creator began on the Udemy platform, reaching over 40,000 students worldwide. This was very successful and promising enterprise, but something didn’t click with me there. After a while I realized that Udemy is just a place to sell courses, whereas I wanted to offer a community experience to my fellow Android developers. So, TechYourChance community was born.

While TechYourChance caters to Android developers, the companies that employ our members reap the lion’s share of the benefits. Therefore, it’s only reasonable to provide a simple way for businesses to enroll their Android teams to TechYourChance through the Corporate Membership subscription.

I’m really excited about the launch of TechYourChance Corporate Memberships and look forward to welcome new members into our warm community of Android developers.

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